Zoe Saldana And Laura Haddock Talk GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


guardians of the galaxyJames Gunn is currently hard at work editing Guardians of the Galaxy, so it will be a while before we see anything from him. His cast is out and about promoting their various projects, so luckily we’re hearing a little bit about the movie from them. Zoe Saladana, who will soon be better known as Gamora, and Laura Haddock, who will play Peter “Star-Lord” Quill’s mother, have said a few words about their work on the movie.

gamoraSpeaking with Collider about her new movie Out of the Furnace, Zoe Saldana once again praised being able to work with James Gunn. She has repeatedly described the director as “kooky” and a class act, which she continues to do in this interview. She described her make-up, prosthetics, and everything else that goes along with bringing the green femme fatale to life as “challenging.” When prompted that there is a R-rated version of the word, she opened up and described her experiences being made up every single day:

Oh my God, yeah. It was f***ing challenging. Four to five hours a day — that’s fine. It’s the tweaking. It doesn’t stop there. It’s not like once they make you, they let you go, and then you just see them when you have to remove the make-up. It keeps moving, it keeps shifting, because the skin is an organ, for the love of God; that will perspire, that will breathe, that will do this, that will crack, that will be dry. And especially if you’re hormones changes, and as woman, we often know we change every two weeks — it would alter the state of how you look, and it was just — it’s the tweaking. Every take after take, everybody would come, and there were moments like, “Don’t! Just go away! Just don’t look at me, please. Don’t touch me, please. Don’t touch me, people.” Because you just want to be in character. You want to be doing this, you want to be talking to James Gunn about this — and they’re gluing something, and I’m like, “Lord, they need to, by the time we go to the sequel, they need to have perfected some technology for make-up, ‘cause I’m gonna go crazy.

Saldana toughed it out and by all accounts did a spectacular job. Hopefully they can find a few tricks to make the process easier like they did with Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique paint and costume.

haddockOn the more pleasant side of things, Laura Haddock talked about her role as Peter Quill’s mother. The actress briefly appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger as a Cap autograph seeker, but she may be better known for her current gig on Da Vinci’s  Demons. When asked by Diabolique Magazine (via CBM) about her role, the actress couldn’t reveal much but she did say “Yes, I got an opportunity to go in and do a part in that movie. It was amazing working with James Gunn and Chris Pratt. It was one of the most brilliant jobs because it’s huge! My part is very personal, very important to the story, but quite a small part. But [still] very important certainly to [Star-Lord’s] journey. I don’t know much I can say it’s very different to anything I’ve ever done. That’s all I can say. It’s a complete opposite of anything I’ve ever done.

If the current run of Guardians comics are anything to go by, Quill’s mother is going to play a very important part for the first section of the film. We’ll just have to wait and see how Gunn plays things out. Saldana starred in Avatar, and that motion capture and make-up process was pretty trying as well. Actors always suffer for their craft, don’t they? At least that’s what they say. What do you think about the actresses comments?

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