Zod Gives Superman 24 Hours To Turn Himself Over In A New Video Message


superman viralMan of Steel viral marketing kicked off a few days ago. A site was just a static filled screen. Fans were given the chance to decode some messages received from deep space. A while later the message was revealed to say “You Are Not Alone.” Then a static screen played on for a good long while. Flashes of what appeared to be the Superman or Zod symbol started to appear. Now we have our first tangible thing from this whole ordeal.

A video message appeared on ManofSteel.com that while still static filled, shows Zod giving Superman and the people of Earth an alternative- Kal-El must be turned over to Zod in the next 24 hours or the world “will suffer the consequences.” It’s a creepy, yet effective bit of marketing. If you check out http://www.iwillfindhim.com/,  a countdown in Kryptonian numbers is counting down to something. We’re hearing that a new trailer may possibly play during the MTV Movie Awards. Another conflicting report says it’s going to be in about 48 hours. So sometime between now and then a new full-length trailer will hit. Keep it here on CBT to see it when it finally appears.

[jwplayer config=”cbt” mediaid=”131019″]

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