Zack Snyder Says “Superman” Is A Title That Has To Be Earned


superman bannerWe’re a little over two weeks away from Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel hitting theaters. The TV spots are coming fast and furious as we get ready for the final push of promotion to get butts in seats come June 14th. I don’t think the movie will have any problem doing that. It’s one, if not THE, most anticipated movie of the summer. Zack Snyder has been up in Canada doing interviews about the film. He isn’t near as secretive as Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan, but he is still play it pretty close to the chest. He did reveal one thing that could be considered a spoiler. It’s not huge, but read on at your own risk.

Snyder sat down with KISS 92.5 for a brief chat. While the audio for the interviewer wasn’t that great, as you can see and hear in the first video below, Snyder‘s answers to the questions were. We haven’t seen anyone call SupermanSuperman” in any of the trailers or promotion for the movie, and it sounds like we won’t be hearing that name shouted out a lot in the film itself. Snyder said it wasn’t necessarily a reluctance to say the “S” word, it just has to be earned:

It’s all about…it’s not really reluctance, for me anyway, I wanted to give the right reverence to the word “Superman” as a concept. It can’t just be a thing that happens immediately, it has to be earned. I thought it was cool to have Lois, in a weird way, the one that invents the idea. I mean where does Superman come from? Who coined that phrase? How does that happen? Lois sort of starts the idea.

In the video he goes on to talk about how the word is actually said in one scene in the movie. That explains why the film isn’t called Superman: Man of Steel or any other variation. It makes sense and you can tell Snyder really gives Superman the reverence it deserves. He also went on to reveal that there were some things Superman fans could look out for, some Easter Egg type thing. He pointed to a lot of stuff on Krypton, the Council of Five, and things liked the cracked moon. Keep your eyes peeled.

The second video is from City News Toronto who also got a chance to speak with the director. In that interview Snyder really stressed how iconic Superman is and how he did his absolute best to pay proper respect to all the myth and iconography. The director talks about using the source material but also try to do something fresh:

It’s tricky. There are so many interpretations of superman so we really tried to go with classic canon and what was ichnographically superman, but also respect that and don’t mess with the mythology too much. We went with what we felt was the most tried and true superman mythology.

When we made the movie, we tried to pretend no movies have ever been made of Superman and we just found these comics under our bed and thought ‘hey this is cool.’ We did sort of ignore the pop culture superman and tried to reintroduce that iconography to our audience through the movie. There was a lot of sifting to try and get a consistent thematic version of him.

You can see that video in its entirety below as well. There is a lot of good stuff in both interviews, so be sure to check them out. Listening to Snyder you can tell he is being sincere with his love of Superman and trying his best to give it proper respect. The trailers and teasers have looked excellent so far, and from those brief minutes of footage it looks like he has done a great job. What do you think about the director’s comments? Do you think “Superman” has to be earned?

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