Zack Snyder On Ben Affleck As Batman; Says THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Influences The History Of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN


NEvTiWvtlmZhzy_1_2Not much has been mentioned about Batman Vs. Superman. Warner Brothers is keeping it pretty hush hush in regards to what’s going on with the film. That includes very few leaks, such as the out of left field casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, which no one had a clue about. Not only are there few leaks, but the creative team behind the film hasn’t said much either. Oh sure we get a nugget or two here and there, but for the most part the film makers, and most of the cast had remained tight-lipped.

However, we have found, and translated (thanks to Cody for the help), a few quotes from director Zack Snyder about the film from a French magazine called Popcorn. While chatting with them about 300: Rise Of An Empire, Snyder touched on the movie. One of the things he was asked was if the movie is a direct adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. As most know, and he reiterate it wont, but Snyder did say, “But the comic book will influence the history of Batman Vs. Superman, on which the writer David S. Goyer and myself will work.”

Another thing that was touched on was the casting as Ben Affleck as Batman. Snyder touched on what it was that he say in Affleck that made him want to cast him. “Ben brings an interesting counterweight to the performance of Henry in the role of Superman,” he explained. “He has the experience necessary to paint the picture of an older and more advised man than Clark Kent, who bears the scars of a seasoned vigilante while retaining the charm that Bruce Wayne deploys when present in the world.” He also said that he is looking very much forward to working with Affleck.

While he didn’t give any big details away, it was nice to finally hear something new from Snyder. I personally like the way Ben Affleck as Batman seems to be shaping up as both the vigilante and Bruce Wayne. According to a few sites, we might be getting our first look at Affleck as The Batman sometime soon. One thing is for sure, even with the film being pushed back by 10 months, all the mystery surrounding the film is keeping fans interested. For the latest on all thing Batman Vs. Superman, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Popcorn Magazine