Zack And Deborah Snyder Talk About BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Leaks


SnyderbannerIn the age in which we live in, not much can stay a secret for long. This is especially the case with movies. With the dawn of Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets studios are finding it harder and harder to keep things under wraps. Most of the time, big budget comic book movies take the brunt of the leaks, but it’s not exclusive to them.

No one knows this as much, if not better, than the husband and wife producing team of Zack and Deborah Snyder. They have been dealing with leaks and trying to hide casting information all the way back in their Watchman days. So you would think Zack was a little disappointed with when Batman Vs. Superman was leaked before he could announce it at Comic Con this year. “Yes and no. [The leak] was definitely not a planned thing,” he explained to The Huffington Post. Deborah continued, Things get leaked so often these days, it’s a shame because even casing announcements, or whatever, you’re in the middle of a process and sometimes they’re so off base — and then it gets picked up by multiple places and it’s all over the place.”

TrinityposterThey also touched on the leaks that are false, such as Adam Driver being cast as Nightwing. “Some of it, you’re just having conversations, but that doesn’t mean they are a contender, but you’re just exploring and it gets made public. It’s kind of a shame that you can’t go through the process in a pure way and then be able to announce it in a way that’s exciting. With the [Comic-Con] announcement, there was rumblings and we were like, ‘Aw.’ Because we wanted to bring it to the fans. We wanted to bring them something special. We went to Comic-Con for “Watchmen” and we were bringing the cast to announce it and it got leaked a couple of days before. We wanted to give that to them and we got cheated out of it,” Deborah said.

For all the leaks that come with being associated with a big budget comic book movie like Batman Vs. Superman, there are also a few wins. Like when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor. Those were announced on Zack’s time frame, right? “That is accurate,” he said gleefully. “And that was fun. That’s fun for us when we’re able to announce Jesse Eisenberg to the audience.” Deborah chimed in with how fun it was being able to surprise people by saying, “Everyone was like, “What?! Ah!”

Zack has been pretty busy the past couple of years. Wrapping up Man Of Steel, producing 300: Rise of An Empire and doing preproduction on Batman Vs Superman, which he says they start filming soon. Getting a head of leaks seems to be the norm now of days. He was able to avoid leaked images being the first image of Henry Cavill as Superman from Man Of Steel by releasing an offical photo before they filmed out side. The hope is that they will do the same in regards to Wonder Woman and Batman’s look for this film. Make sure to keep it right here at Comic Book Therapy where we will keep you up to date on all the happenings with Batman Vs. Superman.

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