You’re Going To Have To Wait Even Longer For SANDMAN: OVERTURE #2


sandmanThe Sandman: Overture #1 by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III came out in November to both critical and commercial acclaim. The prequel that would show us what happened that would allow Morpheus to be so easily captured in Sandman was one of the few prequels fans were actually happy to have. Gaiman and Williams working together on something as trippy as Sandman had a lot of potential. Since Overture was going to be released every other month, the original plan was to release an issue and then follow it up during the skip month with a special ‘director’s cut‘ issue. October and November went as planned, but then Gaiman got busy. What was pushed by to January, then February, and then the first week of March has now been pushed back to March 26th.

Bleeding Cool reported that the comic has been pushed back yet again. There is potential for it to go back further, but it has been re-re-re-resolicited for the last week in March. Gaiman said late last year that his book tour got in the way of getting Williams scripts on time, and now it seems there may be some delays as Williams has to draw the incredibly detailed and elaborate pages. Gaiman did give a hopeful update on the series in one of his recent blog updates. The author said:

Pages of SANDMAN: Overture are coming in drawn from J.H. Williams, and different pages of Sandman are being written and going out from me to J.H. Williams. The ones coming in are the most beautiful mainstream comics I think I’ve ever seen. The ones going out are… well, all the characters feel like themselves. And, when we’ve met them before, they sound like themselves. And it’s really strange when a character I’ve not written since 1995 turns up and all I seem to do for the dialogue is listen and write down what they say. I needed a story within the story at one point, so am telling a story I’d vaguely thought might one day be a giant miniseries as a three page story…

So you’re going to have to wait a little longer for the Overture to strike back up. This is one of the few books that probably won’t take a hit from a long delay. I mean it’s Gaiman, Sandman, and J.H. Williams. You’ll pick it up or wait for the trade if you were sold on issue #1. It has a built in audience on top of that. What do you think about yet another delay? Will you be waiting impatiently for #2?


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