The X-Men’s Weirdest Member Gets His Own Miniseries With ALL-NEW DOOP


doop 1The X-Men‘s oddest, craziest, and greenest member is getting his own five-part series. This April readers will get to see the pivotal role Doop played in the recent big X-event, Battle of the Atom. The character who was introduced nearly 12 years ago in the pages of X-Force has become something of a wacky fan-favorite in the last few years, thanks in some part to Jason Aaron‘s Wolverine & The X-Men. Well know Doop‘s co-creator, Peter Milligan, will come back to show us how Doop changed the face of the X-Men universe.

Marvel.Com unveiled the new series today, announcing that Milligan will be working with artist David Lafuente on the event. The other Doop co-creator, Mike Allred, will be handling covers for the series. Said Milligan of the story:

This Doop story takes place around the time of the massive Marvel storyline/crossover X-Men: Battle of the Atom. Doop is a character who lives mostly in the margins, and this story takes place, if you like, in the margins of Battle of the Atom. It shows what happens in those moments just before or after or behind the main storyline. And though Doop seemed to play no part in the original Battle of the Atom, this story reveals the truth. And the truth is very surprising, in a very Doop kind of way. So in this limited series Doop’s sharing the spotlight with most of the main players from that original storyline: Kitty, Jean Grey—present and future versions—Cyclops, various Icemen from the present, past and future, Wolverine, and so on…and on…

Having Milligan writing Doop, and with such a crazy sounding story as this one, means this series has a lot of potential. Doop has been behind the scenes a lot, playing big roles in certain events, so it will be interesting to see what the little green…thing did in Battle of the Atom. You can read the full interview with Milligan about his love of Doop and how much of himself is in Doop at the source link below. What do you think about Doop getting his own mini-series? Will you be checking this one out?

doop 2

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Source : Marvel