X-MEN Producer Lauren Shuler Donner Agrees DEADPOOL Should Be Made On A Smaller Budget


Deadpool-Ryan-Reynolds-BannerDeadpool is a conundrum that has been a thorn in Fox’s side for a while. Ever since Ryan Reynolds brought the character to life in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, people have been wanting, and been hearing that there would be, a Deadpool movie. Reynolds has been beating the drum pretty hard trying to get the film made, and the it even has a director in Tim Miller.

So what’s the problem? Late last year Reynolds said that the studio was getting cold feet with the project because they are presenting it as a R-rated film. But during their pitches they are also saying that they can make this movie for a very minimal budget. The team was trying to drive home the point that there will be a minimal impact on the studio.

DeadpoolLong time X-Men Producer Lauren Shuler Donner chatted a little bit about the possible Deadpool movie with Collider. When asked if she thought Deadpool should be released at a different time other than the summer blockbuster season with a lower budget and take the rated R risk that Marvel Studios seems not to want to do, she only replied, “Right. I agree.”

After a little coaxing, Shuler Donner finally opened up. She echoed what Reynolds said about the movie needing to be a lower budget project. First of all,” she started. “The Deadpool movie should be $50m in any event, whether it is PG-13 or R. Because it’s a single character, it doesn’t involve that many of the other mutants, which means not many other powers, which is CGI, which is what costs so much. It would be a lot of action, but it should be — and because it’s a standalone character, just like the Wolverine films, we keep them at a smaller budget, so it should be a $50m budget regardless. And I am a producer who NEVER discusses her budgets, EVER, ever ever. But that one should be kept small. As for the rest of it, I can’t really talk about it. I’d love to take the movie, it’s a really good script, we’ll see.”

We’ll see indeed. The movie has been stuck at Fox for quite some time now. There was a shot in the arm in the form of the interview mentioned above where Reynolds said they were tiptoeing forward. Another possibility for Deadpool is for him to join the much talked about X-Force movie. While we don’t know for sure what the future holds for Deadpool on the big screen, we will keep you update with all the info we can here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Collider