Writer Simon Kinberg Hints At Why Charles Xavier Is Walking In Days Of Future Past


bannerOne of the things fans have wondered about since seeing the trailer, teasers, and set pics from Days of Future Past is how exactly James McAvoy‘s Charles Xavier is walking. First Class saw the young Prof. X was shot in the spine after Magneto (James McAvoy) deflected a bullet. The end of the film saw him in his iconic chair, but now he’s apparently up and walking like nothing ever happened. Today we get a partial explanation thanks to an on-set interview released today with scriptwriter Simon Kinberg.

xavierCollider had an in-depth rundown of their Days of Future Past set visit and all of the things they were told about Bryan Singer‘s highly-anticipated X-Men inbetweequel. While talking with Kinberg, the question about young Xavier‘s mobility was raised. When asked if we really did see the young and shaggy looking Xavier walking, Kinberg says:

You’re not mistaken. I don’t think it’ll be a spoiler, I think it’ll be something that’ll be in trailers that he is walking around. And that’s a huge part of the arc for him, accepting, in some ways embracing the chair, as opposed to being condemned to it. It’s something that by the end of the movie he’s really taken his place in. I’m not to talk much about this, but it’s in the Hank/Charles relationship that they’ve discovered a way to help him walk, but at the cost of other things. And over the span of the film, he embraces those other things and lets go of his legs.

So the genius of Hank McCoy has allowed Xavier to walk again, though we’ll see him back in the chair at some point. Is the “costKinberg mentions of having his legs physical or mental? We know the Professor is already in a bad place mentally. This could also explain why we see Hank McCoy in his human form instead of the big, blue monster we know and love. Maybe McCoy made himself a cloaking device after fixing Charles‘ legs. We’ll have to wait and see.

stormOne other interesting thing Kinberg mentioned while speaking with reporters was how the massive cast worked out scheduling wise and how the First Class sequel shifted and reformed into Days of Future Past. Says the writer when asked about things like Halle Berry‘s time constraints due to her pregnancy:

[T]here were time constraints and we had schedule constraints with a lot of actors, like even Peter Dinklage, who we had a lot of time with, we had to get him out by a certain point for Game Of Thrones. There was a certain amount of it that I assumed going into the film, I knew we weren’t going to have Halle for run of show, so I didn’t write a ton for her to do. So there were things like that. And then, once the schedules and the contacts got done, and I knew what I’d have, especially Anna and Halle for, I did adjust the script for their schedules. But not much for Anna and only, I think there’s one scene that I cut out that would’ve made Halle’s schedule tougher. But those were the only ones – we had Ian and Patrick for a long stretch.
And the interesting thing about the future period is, originally it was conceived not as Days Of Future Past, it was because Matthew and I in working on the movie felt like it needed to have bookends that were Patrick and Ian. They just were going to be stand-alone scenes that weren’t going to be connected to the past, there wasn’t going to be any time travel. And then we started saying, “Wouldn’t this be interesting if it was kind of like Godfather II” where you’re intercutting and seeing backstory and future story and then, one day, I was with Matthew and I said, “Have you read Days Of Future Past.” He said, “I think I know that. I’ve seen the cartoon…” Like Bryan, actually, he was really raised on the X-Men cartoons, and he asked me for more details. All of a sudden it was, “Oh shit… we should be telling this story.” But the thing that immediately was apparent was, can we make that movie? Because they had to make all new deals with Ian and Patrick and Halle and all these people, and Hugh, and can we afford to make this movie or is it prohibitively expensive? And the studio figured out a way to make it and gave us a healthy budget so we were able to, but it wasn’t Days Of Future Past. It really went from two little scenes to a few more scenes to, maybe we should do Days Of Future Past… Can we? And then Hugh shall we send back in time? It evolved.

You can read the very long set report in full by clicking the source link. It’s interesting that the writer is already dropping information about Xavier‘s ability to walk again. I would have guessed we’d have to wait until the movie to see how that particular plot point plays out. We still don’t have specifics, but Kinberg does give us a good idea of what happens. The popular theory thrown around on the net was that Xavier was projecting an image of himself walking with his mind. We now know that’s not correct. What do you think about the writer’s comments? Were you one of the people who thought Xavier was playing a mind game to cover his wheelchair?

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Source : Collider