WonderCon 2013 Roundtable Interview With Molly Quinn


supes2I was given the great opportunity to do a roundtable interview with a few of the stars of DC Entertainments new animated feature Superman Unbound.

Originally Superman story arch written by DC’s very own, and widely vaunted Geoff Johns. This story revolves around Superman’s first true encounter with Brainiac as all of encounters were Braniacs probes. It also brings to light the city of Kandors fate, and Supergirls struggles. Originally just a five part arch some more amazing stuff has been added by the animated feature screen writer Bob Goodman exploring more of the background between characters. This is my first interview of two with Castle star and Supergirl voice Molly Quinn.


Q1: Bob [Goodman] Said that when he wrote the part he made Supergirl and Kara very different characters. Did that make your job harder or more difficult in any way?
MQ: No, it made it so much fun and challenging. She was very sweet and soft spoken as Kara, but as Supergirl she know that she has these powers and is going to use them, this is my identity and I’m not going to let what happened to me happen to anyone else.

Q2: Supergirl has been portrayed in a number of ways, how did you prepare for this role? Did you go back and look at any of the other portrayals?


MQ: I did actually, I looked at them all of the actually. The one I did take the most from was from Superman/Batman Apocalypse. I think that Summer Glau did such an amazing job voicing the character, and it was really intimidating because people really love this movie. I hope that I brought Supergirl to life just as much as she did, and that’s the standard that I held myself to.

Q3: As you said before you have done voice acting before, but do you find it difficult voice acting alone rather then acting against a cast member?

MQ: No, I don’t really view anything as difficult it’s just the situation you’re given and you do the best you can with it. Being able to do it by yourself gives you more freedom and the ability to do it a few different ways that feel right to the scene.

Molly Quinn was a pleasure to be able to ask a few questions to, and when you get the shot I definitely feel you should watch Superman Unbound when given the chance, she definitely lives up to the character. Stay tuned for my interview with Matt Bomer who is the voice of Superman!


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