Wolvie’s Got A Gun: Cornell And Stegman Relaunching WOLVERINE


w1Wolverine becomes another victim of Marvel‘s relaunch program this February. The title will be ending its big Killable storyline and then kicking off a new story under a fresh #1 cover. Paul Cornell will be staying on as the writer, but Superior Spider-Man artist Ryan Stegman will be handling art duties. Marvel.Com posted an interview with the writer about Wolverine‘s new direction- villain.

After Killable, Wolverine will find himself on the wrong side of the law in the new arc entitled Payback. Wolverine will cast his lot in with some minor-league super villains led by a smooth talker called The Offer. Cornell outlined the new story and the power set of the new crew:

The first arc is called “Payback,” and that’s where we find him: working for a crime boss called The Offer, alongside a “family” of low-rent super villains. Following the end of “Killable,” he’s decided to simplify his life and drop his responsibilities.
The Offer is a minor super villain gang boss who has the power to make the best possible offer. It’s not hypnotism; you’re free to turn him down. But his offers tend to make people think twice. He’s a caring, fatherly presence to his gang, but he’s not really a good man.
His gang includes Pinch, who Logan is in a relationship with, who can pull threads from any material; Fuel, who increases powers, and thus can make Logan move at high speed; and the Lost Boy, who can make anything ignite, and who has a complicated attitude towards what heroism and villainy might be. Logan worries about him.

While people are a little confused why Wolverine would become a villain of sorts since he’s involved with pretty much every team Marvel has assembled, some found the fact the crazy little Canadian was holding a gun hard to swallow. Wolverine is a weapon himself, even without his healing factor, so why does he need guns? Cornell and Stegman say Wolverine will be changing up his fighting style and relying on his Adamantium claws less. Cornell said “He’s now carrying a pair of handguns, and fighting hand-to-hand in a different way. He will indeed be using the claws less frequently.” I guess his new style translates to his costume as well. You can read the full interview with the creative team by clicking the source link below. What do you think about Wolverine‘s new status quo?


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Source : MARVEL.Com