Wolverine, Spider-Man, And Elektra Team Up In New Savage Wolverine Arc


spider-man wolverine bannerA brand new arc of Savage Wolverine kicks off next month with issue #6. The story will see Wolverine teaming up with Marvel‘s most dangerous femme fatale, Elektra. Spider-Man, that’s the Peter Parker version and not the Doc Ock Spider-Man, will also be popping up. With the real Peter Parker turning up for a brief appearance, you can imagine that this story isn’t strictly in continuity. The Avenging Spider-Man creative team of Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira will be reuniting for the darker and grittier tale.

The duo recently spoke with CBR about the upcoming story. The tale started off as an Avenging Spider-Man story, but since its conception it has evolved into something bigger. Spider-Man has a small role, but he does appear at the beginning and end to try and show Wolverine he is more than a “stone cold killer.” The main story will see Elektra discovering that Bullseye‘s body has been stolen. She finds herself having to work for Kingpin again since he’s the only one that knows who did it. Logan is the only one that will help her out when she finds herself in a sticky situation. Wells talks about his love of Elektra:

I love writing Elektra. She’s the walking embodiment of that deep, scary soul-sadness we all get sometimes. She’s lost too much and sees no hope of a normal life, which is interesting because it’s the exact opposite of Spider-Man. It’s fun to see Wolverine with Elektra on one side of him, and Spidey on the other. He’s caught between those two worlds. Should he let his past consume him, accept that he’s a killer and function like Elektra? Or should he trust Spider-Man and believe that deep down he’s a good person and a hero?

After the events in “Enemy of the State,” Wolverine owes Elektra a lot. I think she’s one of those people who doesn’t even have to ask for his help. She needs something; he’s there. So they trust each other, but they only relate on a warrior level. Elektra and Logan don’t get together to talk about their feelings. They get together when someone needs [to be] killed.

The story will feature some newly designed Hand ninjas for Wolverine and Elektra to slice and dice. You can read the full interview with Wells and Madureira by clicking here. Along with the new details for the story, a few stunning preview pages were revealed. What do you think about Elektra and Wolverine teaming up to fight Kingpin and the Hand? Will you be picking this one up in June?

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