Wolverine Might Be Indestructible, But Hugh Jackman Nearly Broke His Neck Doing A Stunt


wolverineHugh Jackman might play a character that has an Adamantium skeleton and speedy healing factor to help him recover from any injury, but that’s only on the big screen. Jackman is just like us when it comes to getting injured though. Well…just like us but a lot buffer. The actor recently said that he would be cutting back on doing his own stunts after a near miss while filming a big action sequence on the set of The Wolverine.

The actor revealed that he almost broke his neck during the bullet train sequence in James Mangold‘s upcoming film. The actor recounts the incident and how his wife Deborra-Lee Furness made him rethink doing the bigger stunts next time:

In the film, there’s a scene where I swing from the inside to the outside of a train and my neck got caught. I thought I had broken it. It was one of those moments when my wife looked at me and said, ‘What are you doing? Enough playing in the schoolyard! You are not invincible!’

By all accounts Jackman is a very physical actor who does all the stunts he’s allowed to. Obviously there are some things a studio just won’t let their star do, but Jackman tries to do all he can. It sounds like he’ll be toning it down and will give the stuntman a chance to put their neck on the line, literally. We’ve seen a stunt double in some set photos on the Days of Future Past set, so it seems like Jackman is following his wife’s new rule. What do you think about Jackman‘s scrap with danger?

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Source : NY Post