THE WINTER SOLDIER Directors Address Those Robert Redford Rumors


If you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet, be warned that there are some SPOILERS involved in this story and you shouldn’t proceed. Unless you don’t mind, then read ahead. What ever floats your boat. Also, you should probably go see it. Just sayin’. You’ve been warned; read on at your own risk.


Still here? Good. Long before The Winter Soldier released and we were learning more about the character that Robert Redford would be playing, many fans came to a near unanimous decision that Alexander Pierce would pull his face back and reveal that he was actually Red Skull. As the film goes on and we learn that HYDRA had pretty much taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. completely, it almost seemed like a for-sure thing. The fine folks over at IGN spoke to the co-directors, Joe & Anthony Russo, about this rumor and discussed their approach to the big baddie.

We did hear that rumor. Fans are always trying to tie everything back to the mythology, and sometimes it’s good to subvert expectations. We wanted a very grounded villain for this movie: Redford as a top level bureaucrat. He’s sort of the Henry Kissinger for this generation, who’s gone bad. That felt like that fit more into the struggle that Cap was going through in the film and it was a better villain for him to oppose. A sort of ideological villain, versus a science fiction creation?

Looking back at the story, that idea makes sense. Having a huge reveal like that may have taken away from the film. However, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Red Skull and I fully expect to see him show up once more in a future film. Especially with the likes of Strucker still playing a major part in the Marvel universe.

captainamericaimagestill23Now, one other big surprise we saw in the montage at the end of the film was to see that Brock Rumlow, played very well by Frank Grillo, had survived the building collapse caused by the Carrier. Naturally, fans of the comics immediately realized that Rumlow would probably be transformed into the famed Captain America villain known as Crossbones. The Russo’s addressed this in the interview as well.

What we’ll say… We won’t confirm or deny, but this could be perceived as an origin story for Crossbones.

It seems pretty clear that Crossbones will be showing up and I’d bet it will be in recently announced Captain America 3, which should bring the Winter Soldier story line full circle. Possibly leading to Bucky becoming Captain America due to Chris Evans stating he’s done with the character after his contract is up. That’s a big “wait and see”.

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to get out and see The Winter Soldier. If you have not, I’d highly suggest you do. The film is easily one of the best Marvel films to date and walks a fine line between comic book movie and spy thriller and the end result is a phenomenal film. You won’t be disappointed.


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