Will UNICRON Ever Show Up In The TRANSFORMERS Films?


unicron-when-will-we-finally-see-unicronThis weekend saw Michael Bay’s latest installment in the Transformers franchise open to massive numbers, making it the largest opening of the year so far; raking in $100 million. Not too shabby. The bad news is that this is the lowest rated film in the series, with many movie-goers and critics ripping it apart for cheesy dialogue and in-your-face action with little to no substance to chew on. Opinions aside, plans for another film in the franchise are already in the works, with the possibility of it hitting theaters in just two year’s time. SPOILER ALERT Age of Extinction seemed to set up the next film, rather bluntly in fact, in the closing moments of the film. With Galvatron having a rather underwhelming role in this film, one can only hope that he will be back to take on the Autobots in the next film. END SPOILERSBut what about that other really big-baddie that fans of the franchise have been dying to see: Unicron? Will we ever see the massive villain on the big screen? Well, it seems that go-to Transformers scribe Ehren Kruger would like to make it happen, but there’s something standing in the way.

Kruger recently spoke with Huffington Post about his role in the massively successful film franchise, talking mostly about the latest installment, Age of Extinction. However, he was asked whether Unicron, the giant-sized baddie from Transformers lore, would ever make it to the big screen. Surprisingly, and to the pleasure of robot nerds everywhere, the character has been discussed.


Galvatron in Age of Extinction

The only thing I do keep talking about that seems too big until we find the right stories for it — or the way to make it make sense — is the Unicron character from the mythology, who is a planet-size Transformers. It’s not that it’s too big, just that it’ll be onscreen whenever we figure out how to make it visually interesting and amazing.

It almost sounds like a timing thing. Meaning that the planets, so to speak, will all have to be aligned in order to make this happen. However, with the introduction of Galvatron to the world, as well as the mysterious “Creators”, and of course, the wickedly cool Dinobots, it’s quite possible that before too long, we could see Unicron battling it out with the Transformers. It will be no small task to pull it off though, as it will be a massive under taking.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is currently in theaters, so be sure to check it out. Transformers 5 is likely a go, but we’re not quite sure on the release date just yet. The return of Michael Bay is also unknown at this time. Previously, he’s stated that he’s done with the franchise, and he’s maintained that status throughout the press tour for the film. We’ll see though.

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