Will DAMIAN WAYNE Be Back Among The Living Next Year?


damianHere’s an interesting rumor that will please some fans and infuriate others, Damian Wayne may be coming back to life in the DC New 52 next year. I don’t think people believed Damian woudl stay dead forever, but it is surprising that they may bring him back so early. Bleeding Cool had the rundown about the young Wayne‘s possible return.

At a panel this past weekend at New York Comic Con, Dan DiDio talked about Grant Morrison shaping a large part of the DC Universe with some plans that were set in motion several years ago. DiDio wasn’t necessarily a fan of Morrison‘s work, but his plans were followed to the letter:

I wasn’t a huge fan of Grant [Morrison]‘s work. I didn’t like the way he did Superman [in Justice League]… He is a huge fanboy at heart… [on Batman RIP] Everything that you see, up to the moment Damian dies, was in [his] pitch.

damian deathMorrison is still working on his huge Earth 2 Wonder Woman story, but he’s stepped away from the world of the Bat and monthly superhero comics. Since Morrison‘s plans are complete, it may be time for DiDio and DC to go back and put things how they want them. Bleeding Cool heard some interesting chatter at the convention:

I was told at New York Comic Con, that current plans are for Damian Wayne are for the character to return next Summer. In what form, I have no idea. All those cloney babies? The future Damian Wayne Batman? I have no idea if it will involve Five Years Later or not.

The site has heard that DC plan to skip ahead 5 years in the comic book timeline next year as one of their big events. We saw the DC Unvierse formed with the relaunch, and next year we may well see a 5 year time jump to make things more established. Part of that may included Damian Wayne being brought back to life. Andy Kubert is working on a miniseries that will kick off soon called Damian: Son Of Batman. It was said to be outside of continuity and would show a possible future where Damian becomes Batman. If Bleeding Cool‘s rumor turns out to be true, Kubert‘s series may be an unintentional prelude to the tiny terror’s return.

To make things even more interesting, the recently released preview for Batman And Two-Face #24 written by Peter J. Tomasi has Ra’s Al Ghul digging up Damian and his mother Talia‘s bodies and hauling them off. Tomasi has been exploring Bruce‘s grief in his series, but could this be laying the groundwork for a return? What do you think?






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Source : Bleeding Cool