Will Arnett On Voicing Batman In THE LEGO MOVIE; Says Affleck Will Be Awesome


BatArnettWith all the talk of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, poor Will Arnett has been left out in the cold. But why do we care about Will Arnett and Batman being in the same breath? It’s because Arnett is Batman. Well, not in live action, but he will be bringing the character to live in The Lego Movie.

Arnett is happy not being on people’s minds when it came to the casting though. “Perhaps unless people are up in arms about you on the internet, you’re not doing something. But I’m just happy that people didn’t notice,” he joked. That’s not to say that he isn’t enjoying his time as a superhero, which he attests he has never been asked to be one. “I feel like playing a superhero is an experience I would remember, and since I cannot think of it off the top of my head, I’m going to say I haven’t,” he says. “But it’s been awesome.”

While he has pretty deep voice already, Arnett is reaching down, “at the bottom of the barrel,” for his Batman voice. While he doesn’t have to dress up, the always entertaining funny man says that he is going to stay in tights until the movie is released so he can, “stay in character.”

With the live action Batman getting ready to make his come back, the most obvious question is was Arnett approached to play the character opposite Henry Cavill in 2015’s Superman/Batman? “I guarantee you there was never one discussion about me taking it,” says Arnett. “Well, there might have been one discussion at a high level meeting. And then it was like, ‘Okay guys, enough joking around. Let’s get down to the real Batman,'” he said. All joking aside Arnett has an admiration for Ben Affleck and what he will do to the character in the live action movie saying, “He’ll be awesome.” For the latest on all things Batman, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : USA Today