Will 2019 Be The Year Of THE BATMAN?


Ben-Affleck-in-Batman-vs.-Superman-2016-Movie-Image1Warner Brothers is finally getting their act together and is pulling together and potentially awesome slate of films. Things are still being kept under wraps, but the rumor is that several solo films, including Wonder Woman and a Green Lanter/Flash team-up, are in the works. Not to mention a Dawn of Justice follow up that will be a full-on, honest to goodness Justice League movie. One thing that was missing from that rumored time line is a solo Batman film. We know that Ben Affleck signed a multi-picture deal to play the Dark Knight, with Dawn of Justice and its follow-up being two of those, but what about that solo flick that so many fans want?

Well, Bat-fans, we may have an idea of when to expect a rebooted Batman. It is being reported over at Latino-Review that 2019 is being eyed for a new film centered solely on Batman. In fact, they report that the working title for the project will be The Batman. Now, that may seem like a long way out, but when you look at Affleck’s schedule and that of Warner Brothers, it actually makes sense. Dawn of Justice is currently being filmed and will likely wrap up late this year. After the holidays, expect work to begin on the planned Justice League flick. Where do we go from there?

Affleck then takes a break from donning the cape and in the summer of 2015, he writes, directs, and stars in his period gangster film Live By Night. The film’s scheduled to hit theaters in October 2016. The studio has the time after Live By Night’s release to develop the screenplay to the standalone Batman film ready to start production either in 2017 or 2018.

What they don’t know at this point, is whether or not Affleck will be directing the film. Being that the actor/director is a bit of a golden boy at the studio, so he has some pull (or push for that matter) and his contract reportedly took months to nail down. It’s very possible that he worked out a deal to direct, star and possibly assist in writing the project. So, 2019 seems to fit pretty well into the scheme of things.

The casting of Ben Affleck is still quite polarizing among fans and general movie goers. Some are excited to see what he brings to the role and to see the approach he uses. Other are still trying to get the taste of Daredevil out of their mouths. No matter how you feel, it’s a done-deal and it’s happening. What do you think of this timeline? How about that title? Too generic or just right?


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