Why I Love Me Some Horror Comics


Most people read comics for the supers. I’m not any different. I can’t wait to get my new copies of Green Lantern, various Batman titles, and Birds of Prey every month. The superheroes are just kind of the standard when it comes to reading comics. I think that sometimes, especially with new readers, we just stick to what we know, and what we know is superheroes.

What those people who stick to supers are missing out on is an entire other realm of comics. Personally, I find a good break from them is dipping into some horror. I love horror comics! They capture things I love about horror movies, but they are comics. What is better than that?

Recently, I just finished up the X-Files/30 Days of Night cross over by Steve Niles and Adam Jones. Now, everything I knew going into the series was that 1. I like X-Files. 2. I like 30 Days of Night. Obviously, it wasn’t pulling teeth to get me to pick up these books. Not only was the story compelling, but the classic characters of Mulder and Scully were captured just as I remember them. I found this to contain all the great examples of why I like horror and comics.

We forget sometimes that horror is not about cheap scares. There are so many tween slasher flicks out there that horror is about something inside that is frightening. Steve and Adam do a brilliant job of creating that inner terror and executing it in a very real way. We are talking vampires, so that mythology is mixed in there. The brilliance in this cross over is that they are using characters with whom we are already familiar. We know and love Scully and are scared for her. We don’t want Mulder to take this case, because we already know what happened in Barrow, Alaska last time. Already, a sense of dread is growing before they even reach their destination.

I won’t ruin the rest, but I highly recommend picking up, especially if you’ve enjoyed other works by Steve Niles. He is fantastic at what he does. I wanted to use this as an example of how horror needs to be written. It comes from a place that is terrifying and builds and builds in our own minds, which is something that even the best horror movie can’t accomplish every time. Take a break from heroes and get scared silly!

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