Who Are The Big Players For Marvel NOW! Point One


As we all know by now, Marvel is having a relaunch coming this October being called Marvel NOW! Don’t forget the all caps and exclamation mark. At Comic Con, Marvel revealed an image of Nick Fury Jr. throwing 5 dossiers at us. As the week has gone along, Marvel has revealed a new character he has his one good eye on. Everyday saw a new folder revealed, but now all 5 have been released.

After a week of teases, all 5 dossiers are out in the open letting us know who the movers and shakers of the new status quo are. The first day, Cable was unveiled, then Nova the human rocket, and then on day three Ant-Man was uncovered. On day four was a three-for, revealing Kid Loki, Wiccan, and the new Miss America. Today, the final image was that of Starlord. This is not really a surprise considering how important Guardians of the Galaxy will be over the next few years.

So now we know who will be the big players in the Marvel NOW! relaunch. What roles they will play or why they will be so important will have to wait until October. What do you think of the new big shots of the Marvel Universe?

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Source : CBR