What Two Smallville Alums Are Possibly Throwing Their Names In For The Man Of Steel Sequel?


smallville-fracture_1203124798Smallville ended it’s historic run back in 2011. The series was a main stay on The CW Network (Who now has another hit on their hands in the for of Arrow), and lasted 10 years. The show stared Tom Welling as Clark Kent in his early days before he was Superman. It also showcased a young Lex Luthor in the series, who was methodically played by Michael Rosebaum, and Laura Vadervoort as a coming of age Supergirl. With other series regulars like Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang, Erica Druance as Lois Lane, as well as a few others, Smallville is very near and dear to some die hard fans hearts.

With the Man Of Steel sequel in the works, a number of people are sure to say they would be up for parts in the film. One of the characters that is rumored to be featured in the movie will be Lex, who’s LexCorp logo was seen all over the first movie. There has also been some rumors/speculation (based on the prequel comic) of Supergirl possibly getting some screen time in a future Man Of Steel movie as well.

While we don’t know who will play these parts, if they make their way into the film, some Tweets from Rosenbaum and Vadervoort sure do seem to suggest they might want to try the roles again. Rosenbaum, responding to an article with his name on a list about who could play Lex in the next movie, said there is only one choice for it (referring to himself). Vadervoort went for a more subtle approach, saying she would like to see Supergirl in a future movie. Not necessarily putting her name out there.

While this is doesn’t mean either are gunning for the roles of their respected characters, it’s interesting they thought so much of them to tweet about it. While the only thing for sure about the Man Of Steel sequel is nothing is for sure, right now it’s fun to speculate. So how about it, would you like to see Rosenbaum and Vadervoort as Lex and Kara? Leave you thoughts in the comment section below, and check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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