Web Funnies: THOR’s Honest Trailer, How WORLD WAR Z Should Have Ended, And A Very X-MEN HALLOWEEN


funnyThe internet is usually full of funny stuff, nerdy stuff…and cat videos, I guess. Well today the YouTube stars aligned and three hilarious videos ribbing some of the biggest comic book movies and TV shows have hit all at once. It happens every so often, and when it does it’s worth talking about. That’s why we’ve pulled all the videos together in one place to get your daily LOL. Honest Trailers does one of their famous hit jobs on the first Thor movie ahead of Thor: The Dark World‘s US release next week, How It Should Have Ended has a very zombie TV show/comic book/movie heavy riff on World War Z, and the dudes at Epic Meal Time have a very X-Men Halloween. The Epic Meal Time video also has a pretty neat cameo at the very beginning. You can check all of it out below. And as an added bonus at absolutely no cost (other than 8 minutes of your life), the final video is Ohio State‘s marching band doing an absolutely stellar halftime show using some of Hollywood’s biggest films for inspiration. They have some of the fanciest footwork I believe I’ve ever seen. What do you think of the video roundup?

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Source : YouTube