We Might Be Seeing A Lot Less Wolverine In Comics Come 2014


wolverine bannerLast week Marvel held their creative summit where all their writers and editors come together to make plans for upcoming storylines and events for the next year or so. Of course they discussed things like the upcoming Age of Ultron and Dan Slott’s planned Spider-Man event, but according to Bleeding Cool they also throw around a pretty surprising idea.

According to Bleeding Cool, who seem to always be on the money with comic book rumors and news, the creative summit brought around an idea to kill Wolverine in 2014. According to the site:

I understand that, spinning out of gossip from the Marvel Creative Summit this last week, that next year there is a plan at Marvel to kill Wolverine. In a way that gets round his healing factor and his seems supernatural deal to keep coming back from the grave.

If Marvel follows through with the idea, which BC is calling just a rumor and piece of gossip for now, they’ll have to get around the healing factor of the unkillable hero. One possibility may present itself in Age of Ultorn. We know from solicits that Wolverine and Sue Richards travel back in time to try and stop Ultron, but something may happen to Wolverine as he time travels that causes something to go wrong and one of the few heroes to outright kill goes too far. This is certainly a pretty juicy rumor. Marvel have given us Wolverine overload in recent years, so killing him off is one way to scale it back. But then again, the little Canadian did die recently and fought his way out of hell itself. Even if he goes out for real, he probably won’t be gone for too long. What do you think of the idea? Should Wolverine actually, really, no loopholes for now die next year?

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Source : Bleeding Cool