Warner Brothers To Treat DC The Opposite Of How Disney Does Marvel


jla-bannerLast last night there was a sonic boom of excitement that sent shock-waves around the internet. Zack Snyder is bringing the Justice League to the big screen after he is done with Superman Vs. Batman. The new was release in a blog post of The Wall Street Journal, but there was some more juicy tidbits from the paid subscription version of the story as well.

TrinityBSWWWhile many of criticized Warner Brothers for not having a plan for DC in terms of movies. Even a former exec at WB was worried about that by saying, “the studio’s DC Comics unit might lose a generation of young fans if it didn’t catch up to rival Marvel in the business of making superhero movies.” Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara emphatically denies that saying, “We’re not going to let that happen.” He went on to elaborate by saying, “If you want to know how we are going to grow as a company and what’s important to us, DC is at the top of the list.”

While you can expect a big boom in DC movies, TV shows and other forms of media, don’t expect it to come about the way Marvel and Disney brought their brand to life. DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson told the Journal, “It isn’t about a single approach to everything. It’s the right character matched with the right talent in the right medium.”

AmellGustinBy taking the opposite approach from Marvel who has their singular big story connect through out all forms of media, including movies and TV shows (like Agents Of SHIELD) It would appear that Warner Brothers will look to keep things separate in terms of not crossing movies with TV. That’s not to say it’s a 100% guarantee that Grant Gustin or Stephen Amell as The Flash and Green Arrow respectively couldn’t join in with the Justice League on the big screen, it just doesn’t look overly good for them. But The Journal is saying that Nelson is encouraging Warner Brothers producers to develop diverse and even contradictory takes in different forms of media. The specific example that was given was that Ben Affleck’s Batman from the movie universe will be in no way connected to the Gotham TV show, the animated movies or  the video games that are being released.

To add to the little bit that was posted last night, there are currently nine films being developed under the DC brand at Warner Brothers. That also included Vertigo comics as well. Only four were named, but you can check out those details by clicking HERE. For the latest on all things DC, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Newsarama