Warner Brothers Teases The Next Villain For The New BATMAN ARKHAM Game


BatmanHushbannerWhile Batman Arkham Origins gears up for it’s new Mr. Freeze DLC, rumors have been swirling about the next game in the franchise. The title has not been released yet, or even who is working on the game. Origins was developed and released by WB Montreal, while Asylum and City was developed and released by Rocksteady. As of right now, Rocksteady seem to be the front runners for the next game with signs pointing to them working on a new super secret project, which many believe to be the next Batman Arkham game.

While we don’t know who will be developing the game we may know who the main villain for it might be. The Official Batman: Hush Facebook page has posted a photo of the bandaged villain along with the caption, “Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be abut to get more interesting next month…”

hugh-610x449Hush first graced the pages of Batman #619. His real name is Dr Thomas Elliot and he was childhood friends with Bruce Wayne. During his youth he tries to kills his parents by cutting the brake line to their car. He is successful as his father parishes, but Bruce’s father, Dr. Thomas Wayne, saves Elliot’s mother. Enraged by this, and the fact that Bruce inherits his mother and father’s fortune after they are murdered, Thomas murders his mother and makes it look like an accident, inherits her money and becomes a successful surgeon. Later his rage/hatred for Bruce Wayne leads him to discover that Wayne is Batman thus he becomes Hush to kill him.

In the Arkham City game, Hush is responsible for a string of murders where the face of the victim is cut off. After you solve the murders you are lead back to Hush’s hide out where he reveals himself. The reason he has been cutting off the faces of his victims is because he has reconstructed his face to look just like Bruce Wayne. The side plot isn’t touched on again in the game, so they could be using that as a springboard into the next game.

It’s still entirely possible that this tease from Warner Brothers is nothing. Although I should point out that the Hush Facebook account from which this was pulled, Via IGN, is controlled by Warner Brothers. The post is from March 2nd, which means we will be waiting until April until the big reveal. So make sure you check back at Comic Book Therapy, and we will keep you up to date.

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