Wally West Finally Getting His Long-Awaited NEW 52 Debut


flash 1When Stephanie Brown was announced as making her New 52 debut in the pages of the upcoming Batman weekly series, Wally West and Donna Troy fans were hopeful that their favorite characters were next in line for a 52 intro. While there’s still no sign of Ms. Troy, Wally West will finally be getting his New 52 debut in the upcoming Flash Annual #3. USA Today had the big news earlier today.

In a piece about how The Flash could be the breakout DC star of 2015 thanks to his own TV series, a possible appearance in Batman vs. Superman, a role in the animated Justice League: War movie, and a new comic book creative team, USA Today threw the Wally West news in there while discussing the new annual. Writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen, along with artist Brett Booth, will bring Barry‘s nephew into the fold one week after they take over the title with issue #30:

Flash alter ego Barry Allen, who plies his trade in the Central City police crime lab when not in his red costume, gets thrown into more procedural adventures when the new creative team of writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen and artist Brett Booth debut in The Flash No. 30, out April 23.
A week later, they reintroduce Wally West, another guy who’s worn the Flash togs, into the DC Universe in The Flash Annual No. 3

It has been a long time in the making, but Wally West will finally become a part of the DC New 52. The young speedster was slow in showing up for once in his life, but he’ll be here shortly. Whether or not he’ll have his superpowers right off the bat remains to be seen. The cover you see to the side is for the creative team’s first issue and isn’t an indication of what Wally will look like. I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about the annual soon. What do you think about Wally finally getting called up to the big leagues?

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