Walking Dead Weekly #5 – A Review By bloosusan

Ah, I remember reading this when it first came out. I fell in love with Andrea in this issue. She really develops as a character here. Not only with her strength in the discovery that she is an absolutely amazing shot, but we see her vulnerability with the death of her sister, Amy.

This is also the issue where we get a lot of back story on the main characters as well as it’s the first time we start to notice something wrong with Shane. A lot of firsts here. That’s part of the fun of Image deciding to re-release these issues weekly. We all can relive the story from the beginning, though I expect this is more for first time readers. In which case, let me tell you that it only gets better as it goes.

Zombies, roamers, walkers, whatever you want to call them, Robert Kirkman gets it right. He creates a realistic post-apocalyptic world where the characters are fighting for their lives every minute of every day.I love that Kirkman can create a sense of security among the survivors in the camp. We think that it’s just innocent conversation when BAM! That’s when no one is safe! It’s exactly what we’d be dealing with should this happen. All they have are their families and the other survivors in the camp – and sometimes not even then.

The characters do not know what’s to become of them and they’re living in a world where the have to survive. Their hope is in themselves, and their trust is in those that surround them. In this issues Rick, Lori, and Carl develop as a family. They bicker over whether or not Carl should be allowed to handle a gun. It becomes real. Personalities show and the story begins to take life. In a lot of ways it was hard for me to read this issue, because I have such strong feelings about these characters having been with them for so long. On the other hand, it was lovely to remember them how they were at the beginning of the journey and it was bittersweet to know how far they’re going to go.

Hats off to Robert Kirkman for creating real people – people that we grow with and care for. We want to journey with these survivors, because we want them to do exactly that and more. We want them to live.

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