Walking Dead Show Runner Glen Mazzara Promises More Fan Favorite Characters


The highly anticipated third season of the AMC hit show The Walking Dead will be upon us before we know it. The new season is scheduled to kick off this October, and will finally bring fans Michonne and The Governor. In a recent Dispatches From The Set interview with AMC  Executive Producer, writer, and show runner Glen Mazzara touched on what to expect this season as well as saying something that will greatly please the comics fans.

Promising this season will be “very adrenalized”, Mazzara says that our group of characters will be thrown into situations that won’t give the audience a chance to catch their breath. Part of the new tension was hinted at with the conclusion of season 2. Rick has declared a Ricktatorship over the group and will now rule with an iron fist. Mazzara touches on Rick’s new style and what he will have to face:

Rick’s reign is initially successful in the fact that they do discover this prison and that proves at first that Rick was right that there’s a place out there that perhaps they can be safe. The question becomes how far can he push the group? What is the breaking point? And Rick will certainly have to deal with how far can he push himself and what is his breaking point.

After touching on how make The Governor a strong and appealing villian and making the stronghold of Woodbury a character in and of itself, Mazzara answered a question that should make fans very happy. Here’s what he had to say when asked if Michonne and The Governor will be the start of introducing more characters from the comics that fans have been dying to see:

There are a lot of fantastic characters throughout Robert Kirkman’s book that we’re dying to bring to life. Some will be introduced in this season and some will be introduced in later seasons. It’s our intention to bring all those major characters to life.

This should make fans of both the show and the comics very happy. It may take some time, but everyone involved wants to make all the favorites transition from page to screen. It sounds like you might even get hints of that this season beyond Michonne and The Governor. To read the full interview, you can click here. What do you think? Who would you like to see introduced next?


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Source : AMC Blog