WALKING DEAD Roundup: Disease, Abraham Ford, And Steven Yeun’s Nipples

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The Walking Dead returned to our TVs this past Sunday and broke all kinds of records with a whopping 16.1 million people tuning in to see Rick and the gang working the prison farm. While everyone is taking a well deserved victory lap, the news on what’s coming up this season is still rolling out. We’ve got a rundown of all the latest in the world of The Walking Dead as well as a few funny bits and bobs from the web.

walking deadFirst up, new showrunner Scott M. Gimple spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about one of the season premiere’s big developments that will be explored throughout the fourth season. The first episode featured a mysterious flu-like disease striking down Carl‘s pig and his best friend Patrick (Phineas and Ferb‘s Vincent Martella). Gimple says the illness is going to ravage the human population and lead to some interesting things with the zombies as well:

It is safe to say Patrick died of what ever that was. The walker that was at the fence that we saw was rather fresh; he’s not very rotted. I would intuit that because it’s a fresh zombie, that the person who died recently was by the same method Patrick died.

In refugee situations, when people are in close contact like that, bad things health-wise have usually happened. In a third-world situation like this, the effects can be even worse. If that zombie died of the same thing that Patrick did, and Patrick said he was feeling ill, that would mean you’d want to stay away from those zombies as well. So standing up against the fence and smashing and stabbing them in the face, there’s a great deal of blood flying everywhere. It’s very bad news and presents potentially a very difficult situation beyond the simple difficulty of being around other people, which you have to be.

…[I]f someone is sick with any sort of communicable disease, any bodily fluid is bad news. But there were also a couple of dead pigs in this episode, which also might have something to do with it.

The remained of the interview was largely just more teasing, but the showrunner did say that Glenn and Maggie‘s theoretical discussion about having a baby in the world they’re now living in may go past the theoretical stage in a future episode

While Glenn and Maggie might be expecting a new arrival, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman told EW what he thought about the show’s newest arrival: Michael Cudlitz. The Southland actor will bring fan favorite Abraham Ford to life. (You can check out some pics Cudlitz has posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts below the videos). Abraham is the most take-charge, take no crap off of anybody character in the comics. Kirkman says Abraham will be holding his own on the show against other hardcore characters like Daryl and Tyreese.

Because he is amazing yeunand very much fits the character,” says Kirkman. “Abraham is a larger than life character that comes in and bowls over the characters. He’s just a take charge kind of guy and we need somebody that has that presence, that can stand up to characters like Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes and really hold his own. This is a guy that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Tyreese and be imposing and that’s something that we needed and that’s something that Mr. Cudlitz delivers quite well.

Finally, we have a few videos that warrant your attention. First up is Steven Yeun (Glenn) on one of this week’s episodes of Conan. The actor talks about his big shirtless scene in the season premiere and admits he is really ashamed of his tiny, tiny nipples. It’s even more funny and odd than you think. Yeun keeps the TMI train chugging along when he relates a story that happened to him while filming this season. When he got home after a hard day of work, he found a tick on a very sensitive part of his body. It took him a while, but he was able to extract the tick. Bringing up the rear, the folks at Honest Trailers tackled seasons 1-3 of the show and picked out things that irked fans and warranted a whole subculture of memes. What do you think about the latest happenings in the world of the Walking Dead?

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