Walking Dead Director Ernest Dickerson Talks Season Premiere


The Walking Dead season 3 is upon us. It debuts in the fall, and we’ve already gotten our first looks at Michonne and The Governor. The director of season 3 episode 1 talked with AMC about the premiere and Michonne’s introduction. Ernest Dickerson has directed 6 episodes of the show, so he’s definitely up for the challenge of introducing the character.

In the season opener it sounds like we will be getting all kinds of Michonne action. She was teased at the end of season 2 and the opening to this season will finally give fans what they have been craving.

In this episode, we’re introducing Michonne in all of her glory. We get to meet her, and I know a lot of people have been looking forward to that.

We saw the prison teased at the end of the season, but it sounds like we are diving straight in to it with episode 1. Most of the show is shot outdoors, so word about inside shooting is a good clue that we may be in the prison by the end of the new episode. AMC asked what it is like to shoot inside on a sound stage after being on long stretches of highways and in the forest.

It was slightly more pleasant because we could have air conditioning pumped in there, but it was a really dusty environment and real gritty. I had dust in my hair and I blew my nose and black soot came out. [Laughs] I thought it’d be easy, but no, not at all. There’s no such thing as easy in the world of The Walking Dead.

There is also promises of a “particularly gross zombie gag.” This season will see more human threats with the introduction of The Governor, but there will also be plenty of zombies. The season is filming now and is set to return later in the fall.

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Source : AMC TV