Walker Stalker Con Boston 2014 Recap



This past weekend (June 13th-15th) Boston hosted Walker Stalker Con.  A new con to the Boston area, Walker Stalker Con is all about zombies and horror films, but mostly AMC’s The Walking Dead.  It was quite a lot of fun.

The con was held at the Westin by the Waterfront, a venue that previously hosted Boston Comic Con.  Considering the lack of size in just one venue area, Walker Stalker Con took up two sections of the hotel.  As I thought the Boston Con hosted here was very cramped, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they used the space.  But this did lead to the sections being quite separated.  I wandered around the Exhibition hall wondering how to get to the vendors area.  Guests had to walk back the way they came, through the ticket pickup area, and then to the other side of the hotel to find the vendors.  If you attempted during the early hours of the con, it was almost impossible due to the amount of people. I instead walked outside and around the building to get to the vendors area.  If the ticket pickup area had been moved, as well as some photo-ops, congestion wouldn’t have been as big of a problem.

Considering the narrowed scope of this convention, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide array of merchandise the vendors offered.  Most were horror film or zombie related, but I saw a lot of fans finding things that weren’t related.  As a fan of The Walking Dead comics, I was very disappointed to see that not one vendor was selling the comics outside the most recent issue.  There was one store in the Exhibition hall selling only the first compendium, Vol. 1 of the trades, and most the recent trade.

The amount of stars available for photo ops was just astounding.  The majority of the main cast for The Walking Dead was there and all of them were available for photo ops.  Jon Bernthal (Shane from The Walking Dead) was easily the most popular.  Bernthal’s line took up a decently sized chunk of the Exhibition line.  It became difficult to ask questions though, as AMC has a tight grip any actors who are still alive on the show.  Sean Patrick Flannery (Connor MacManus, The Boondock Saints) had a decent sized line as well.  Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan (Glen and Maggie, The Walking Dead) didn’t seem to develop as big of lines.  They were stuck in the corner of the vendor’s area and were somewhat hard to find.

The cosplaying was great, even if everyone was dressed similar. Having a zombie con somewhat pigeon holes what you can do for costumes. Although I did see someone dressed as Russell from Up, which was rather strange. Wasn’t even a zombie Russell.  There was a lot of Daryl Dixons as well.  I lost count at the amount of crossbows I saw throughout the con.  There was the occasional Shane and Rick, while I saw a few Michonnes.

I attended the Friday the 13th panel which featured Adrienne King (Alice, Friday the 13th), Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday the 13th Part 2), Tom Morga (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning), and Doug Tait (Jason, Freddy vs Jason).  The four talked about their time in the franchise, which film was their favorite, and what we can expect in the future.  They hinted at a new TV show about the Voorhees family before the events of Friday the 13th, in the same vein as Bates Motel I’d imagine.  The group agreed that The Exorcist was the scariest movie that they had ever seen, and that having being on a horror film set has kept them from being scared at a movie since.

Overall I had a fun time at Walker Stalker Con 2014.  Considering the amount of people in attendance, I expect even more to come back for 2015.

I took a few photos while at the con. Check them out below!

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