Waid, Gillen, Remender, And Aaron Talk Marvel Now! Projects


New York Comic Con is well underway, and Marvel’s Join the ReEvolution panel brought out the big guns. Mark Waid, Kieron Gillen, Rick Remender, and Jason Aaron were accompanied by editor Tom Brevoort where the bunch talked up their Marvel NOW! books.

Mark Waid is the writer for the new Hulk book Indestructible Hulk. After talking about how much fun Hulk was to write, Waid commented on how he came to the project- “the call went out from Marvel and they said ‘who do we know with anger management issues?‘” Waid also said that his pitch was very similar to how Mark Ruffalo portrayed Hulk in the Avengers movie, even though the film wasn’t out when he made his pitch. Waid stated how he was going about the Hulk/Banner relationship:

People talk of him in the same breath as Tony Stark and Reed Richards in terms of genius, but looking back on AvX, Banner had almost no effect- Hulk did. He doesn’t want his tombstone to read ‘Hulk Smash.’ As Hulk destorys, Banner builds.


Kieron Gillen talked about how his take on Tony Stark and Iron Man would be different from Matt Fraction’s, who he sad had a definitive take on the corporate superhero. “Tony Stark has a crisis of faith that will propel the series.” Everyone was excited about the new Iron Man modular armory, that can build armor on the fly to help Iron Man face any threat.


Rick Remender restated that this Captain America book would be more about how the puny and weak Steve Rogers became such a courageous person. It was also said that Arnim Zola would be made into an A-list villain due to the first “Dimension Z” arc.


Jason Aaron also talked up his Thor: God of Thunder book. Aaron stated that the story will strip down Thor’s supporting cast, but he there will be many stages looked at in his life- “Young Thor, Present Thor, and Future King Thor” as well as a “drunken Thor” among others. Aaron also pointed out that the cover you see doesn’t depict Odin. This cover shows an old Thor who has lost an arm and now wears the arm of the Destroyer into battle.


To read CBR’s full rundown of the panel with a little more information about Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, and FF, you can click here. Hulk and Thor have quickly climbed the list to be two of my most anticipated comics from the Marvel NOW! relaunch. What do you think of the info and covers? Are any of these ones you will watch out for?

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