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One of the most anticipated things about new comics is the oft times iconic images that grace the covers. Whether it be Giant Size X-Men #1 where the X-Men are bursting off the front page, or Amazing Spider-Man #50, showing a down-trodden Peter Parker, or Avengers #4, displaying the mighty team of super heroes, the cover art of our beloved comics are more often than not a truly awe-inspiring piece of work. This summer, Marvel, in conjunction with DKwill be releasing a new book that highlights some of the most iconic and beautiful covers they’ve produced. Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art will highlight the best cover art the comic company has produced in the past three quarters of a century, and they need your help.

Starting today, you can vote on which of the following three comic book covers will be featured on the back cover of the upcoming book. Below are the three covers you can choose from:

  • Avengers Vs X-Men #1 by Jim Cheung (June 2012): When a young mutant threatened to become the new incarnation of the deadly Phoenix Force, the Avengers and X-Men came into conflict over how to deal with the situation. Few artists could handle such a plethora of characters on one cover but Jim Cheung did so with distinction, managing to get across both the tension and danger of the two teams facing off against each other.
  • Hawkeye #1 by David Aja (Vol 4 #1 August 2012): Marvel’s covers have become increasingly stylised over the last few years as artists push the boundaries of exciting design. Writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja have produced one of the most adventurous Marvel comics for decades with Hawkeye, and while each issue has a fabulous high-concept cover, the debut issue set the scene.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet #1 by George Perez (July 1991): The Infinity Gauntlet was one of Marvel’s first big comic book blockbusters, bringing together a host of the company’s greatest heroes to save the universe from the cosmic menace of Thanos. George Perez produced a stunning piece of work for the debut issue. The piece not only established the threat but also the sheer scale of the event.

This book is a large-scale, poster book that will showcase the most iconic, impactful and unique covers in Marvel’s rich 75 year history. Some of your favorite characters, including Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man and The Avenger will be featured, as well as the numerous artists that brought them to live, such as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby 

To vote for your favorite cover, be sure to CLICK HERE and let your voice be heard!

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