Has The Viral Marketing For SUPERMAN/BATMAN Started?


0oCbmGYThis past weekend Zack Snyder shot his first scene for the Man Of Steel sequel that will feature not only Superman, but Batman as well. The scene wasn’t particularly epic, just your run of the mill colleges, Gotham University and Metropolis State University, duking it out on the grid iron. While the scene wasn’t exciting, it is exciting to know that filming is underway, at least somewhat.

With all the excitement of the movie kicking off production, something was released yesterday that seems to have flown a tad under the radar. Nothing big or monumental, but rather a mere picture. The photo contains a copy of the Daily Planet sitting on a table with the headline: ‘Metropolis Under Siege Day Of Terror As Visitors Attack’.

What could this be? It’s hard to say really. At first I thought it might be a fan made image, but I quickly debunked that because the offical Facebook Page for Man Of Steel released the image. One other possibility is it’s from the first movie and we just didn’t see it.

I find that unlikely, and even talked with my friends at The Man Of Steel Fan Page who confirmed that the image is indeed new. What I am still unclear about is it’s intentions. Was it just to drum up interest in the Blu-ray and DVD release of Man Of Steel? Or does it have something to do with Superman/Batman? I want to know what you think. Drop a line in the comment boxes below on what you think the image is for, and as always, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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Source : Man Of Steel