Vin Diesel Says Groot Will Be A Challenging Role As An Actor


grootSo it came to light yesterday that Vin Diesel had indeed been talking to Marvel about a much larger role that could have potentially launched Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his busy schedule and his fans not wanting to wait that long to see the actor in the Marvel U lead to Diesel lending his voice to Groot for James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy instead. Well today the actor has talked a little more about his upcoming role as the giant wooden hero and what it will entail.

Speaking with The Huffington Post about Riddick and a few other movies he has in the works, Diesel touched on the potential Marvel role. He had said previously that it’s essentially a done deal, his reps just have to sign off on it, but we’ll stay say ‘potential’ until it’s official. The actor once again confirmed that if he joins the Guardians he’ll be doing some CGI and motion capture work to bring the character to life. That will obviously be physically demanding for the actor, but with films like Riddick and Fast and Furious it shouldn’t be a big deal. Diesel did touch on Groot‘s dialogue and how that will be a welcome challenge as an actor:

The idea of bringing that physicality to a CGI character always tantalized me. To strip away everything is insane. In this case, the voice plays heavily into it, too. I don’t know what kind of dialogue will be in it, but even if it stayed true to character, there’s so much one can do with `I am Groot.’ It’s the kind of challenge very few actors ever get.

Now Diesel isn’t a dumb guy. He’s a huge nerd and an avid Dungeons and Dragon player on top of everything else. I believe that he’s referring to bringing a character to life using only three words and using different tones and inflections. That will be hard, but saying only ‘I Am Groot‘ shouldn’t be that big of a challenge. There’s a video of Diesel talking about D&D below so you can see his excitement over nerd things and his ability to use his imagination. I think he’ll be right at home with Guardians. What say you?

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Source : HuffPo