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Phoenix Force

Welcome to the return of View2View! This tme around we have some surprises and a new view to join the fray! The new member of this column, Wilt, will be going head-to-head with me next week about an issue that will stir some folks up! This week though, the original two, Chris and myself, are going to focus on a comic theme that has been brought up hundreds, maybe even thousands of times.

Is the return of the Phoenix Foce in X-Men vs. Avengers: Phoenix Force Returns really all that great?

As it goes for me I think it’s a solid storyline, now wait a second before you start throwing bottles at my face just hear me out. The Phoenix Force, IF used intelligently this time around could cause such a grave disturbance in what is already a delicate balance within the Marvel Universe that it could change the face of everything. Now I know comic book industries always, and I mean ALWAYS state that such and such will “change the *insert comic universe here* forever, but this time if they are smart and know their audience like they claim they do it could. If it switched off from a mutant to an Avenger permanntly that would be an amazing take.

We as fans do feel a little taken advantage of by the bigger comic publishers, Marvel and DC, but I hope this time things change for the better, maybe I’m just the eternal comic book optimist, but I really do hold that hope.

So Yes I give Marvel the benefit of the doubt here and feel that the Phoenix Force could be something of a great foil for Marvel, for the Avengers vs. the X-Men, and for many stories to come. Now, let’s see what my counter part Chris (aka Comic Canuck) has to say.

I have seen many story lines involving the Phoenix Force over the years and while each event was enjoyable, I felt let down at the end of each run because no matter what happened, I knew the Phoenix Force would eventually return. It always felt like a non-event. Don’t get me wrong, it was sad the last time the beloved X-Man Jean Grey was killed, however, I have a feeling she’ll rise from the dead again in 2012. Admittedly,this upcoming event has a nice spin to it: Phoenix is returning to Earth insearch of a new host. Cool. I like the concept.

It’s exciting to have some of Marvel’s best writers at the helm of AvX, but I’m extremely skeptical about how it will end. Past events, such as Civil War and Fear Itself, didn’t live up to what I had hoped. I know I will enjoy AvX, but I am not expecting the aftermath of this event to drastically alter the Marvel U. And, there’s the rub. I know“big events” make comics fun and I am on board with that, but too many times fans are told this will change things forever. In reality, things only change for a while and then they revert to the status quo. I’d like to see Marvel end this event with a well-known, non-mutant Avenger as the new host of the Phoenix Force. My fingers are crossed.

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