Video Infographic Takes A Look At Some Classic Movie Cars


tumblerAn action hero is only as good as the car he drives. There’s no shortage of ‘car movies’ and high octane blockbusters (which usually feature the likes of Vin Diesel or Jason Statham). These cult classic films become classics because the cars are fast, powerful, and make for a great visual. Every once in a while though a car becomes more famous and just as iconic as any actor or even the movie itself.

From Gone in 60 Seconds‘ Elanor to Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustant GT 390 Fastback in Bullit, cars can take on a life of their own. There have been a few recent movie vehicles that have started to reach that legendary status as well. I think we can all agree Christopher Nolan’s Batman features a very memorable ride for the Caped Crusader. Kayla Matthews put together a video infographic thanks to CJ Pony Parts looking at some of film’s iconic rides. You can see details about everything from the Tumbler and a special Decepticon to Pulp Fiction‘s 1964 Chevy Malibu SS below. What’s your all-time favorite movie car?

Some of the greatest cars in the world were crafted specifically for a movie role. A great car can make or break a film. Here’s a few of the best cars featured in movies. Sometimes, they are just as famous as the actors themselves.

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Source : CJ Pony Parts