UPDATE: Morris Chestnut Tweets Again: Turns Out He’s Just A Fan


Black panther bannerUpdate #2: Looks like there was no smoke to this fire. Morris Chestnut has Tweeted again about the whole Black Panther deal. He had posted Panther related Tweets two days in a row only to delete them about two hours later. He’s taken to his account again this evening to shoot all the rumors and speculation down. It seems he just started to read the comics and thinks Black Panther is really cool. He thanks everyone for bringing the character to his attention and supporting him, but he states he is not in talks with Marvel. I actually believe the guy. I don’t think this is a case of him getting in trouble and backtracking. I think he was just pumped about reading about the character and started saying things vague enough people started trying to connect some dots. Here’s his two new Tweets. The original story follows after those.

Yesterday Morris Chestnut Tweeted that it was time to get up to speed with Black Panther. This lead many to believe that something was finally happening with a Black Panther movie and that Chestnut may be in talks with Disney/Marvel to help bring the Wakandan King to life on the big screen. He deleted that Tweet and post on his Facebook not long after everyone on the web started running stories about it. Today he has struck again.

Chestnut replied to a fan sharing his enthusiasm for the film, and Chestnut’s success on gaining the role. You can see what the actor had to say below, but he says the Black Panther may pop up in Avengers 2. Now this can be taken a few ways. Either Chestnut has become a huge Panther fan and is getting just as excited as the fans, or he’s involved in some way and  has some inside information. Now I’d say this Tweet will be deleted too if it’s the second option. Needless to say, we’ll all keep our eyes glued on his Twitter feed. What say you?

UPDATE #1: It looks like he’s already deleted the Tweet, but the thing about embedding  a Tweet means even when it’s gone you can still see what it said.


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Source : Twitter via Bleeding Cool