UPDATE : Ant-Man Test Footage Finds Its Way Online


ant-manUPDATE: Even if the video gets pulled down, we’ve added an image gallery with over 20 screenshots.

Watch this quick, because it will undoubtedly get yanked down. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage shown off at last year’s Comic Con has found its way online. A naughty little viewer at a recent London film event where they showed off the test scene recorded the entire thing. We had heard that Marvel was going to release the footage soon, but apparently they have a different definition of “soon.”  In the minute long test reel, we see Ant-Man taking down two suited men as he makes his way to an elevator. It’s a surprisingly clear look at the scene compared to a lot of other bootleg copies. You can tell that Wright and company are going for a more Ultimate version of the pint-sized hero. Check out the action-packed video below and let us know what you think!

[jwplayer config=”cbt” mediaid=”111964″]

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Source : Youtube via CBM’s ManOutofTime