Update To THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Viral Site Gives Us An OSCORP Report


An update to the tumblr site for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features an interesting business report about Oscorp. The Daily Bugle article entitled “Oscorp Biz Holds Steady” has a few interesting tidbits that not only bridge some gaps between the two films, but gives us a few hints at what’s coming up in the Marc Webb directed sequel. You can read the full report below but the line about Oscororp previewing a “flight harness for the military” is worth pointing out. We know either Harry (Dane DeHaan) or Norman (Chris Cooper) will become the Green Goblin in the near future (maybe in the 2 film, definitely the 3rd), so the seeds for the Goblin are being planted even in the viral marketing. What do you think about the latest piece from The Bugle.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters May 2014.

By Joy Mercado, Financial Bureau

Despite the assault on Oscorp Tower two weeks ago and the revelation that disgruntled Oscorp employee, Dr. Curt Connors, was responsible for the attack, Oscorp’s stock has climbed four points.

Oscorp spokesman Douglas Menken provided some details from the meeting, including that the construction on the prototype alternative energy power plant, complete with hydroelectric tower, is on schedule for completion within the next year.

Other highlights included a preview of a flight harness for the military and significant advancements in robotics by the head of the engineering division, Spencer Smythe.

Oscorp personnel dismissed questions regarding Norman Osborn’s health and whether the company’s estranged heir apparent, Harry Osborn, is up to the task of running his father’s conglomerate.

Menken stated, “Between the disappearance of Dr. Rajit Ratha, the rogue actions of a very unstable former employee and Norman Osborn’s health concerns, everyone in the media will cry the sky is falling, but just the opposite is true. While everyone else ducks for cover, Oscorp is always reaching for the stars.”


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Source : The Daily Bugle tumblr