Unlettered Preview Of DAREDEVIL #1.5


Before Daredevil gets too far into his new series, a special anniversary issue will be released this April to commemorate 50 years of Matt Murdock‘s adventures as the Man Without Fear. Daredevil #1.50 will have a story set during Matt‘s 50th Birthday so we can get clues as to what Mark Waid and company have in store for 2014 as well as a glimpse into what the world may look like in the near future. Marvel has released an unlettered preview of the jam-packed issue featuring some of Daredevil‘s greatest writers and artists. You can see it all, including Paolo Rivera‘s massive cover looking at the creative teams over the last 50 years, below. These go hand-in-hand with the special Marcos Martin covers released earlier this week. Basically, there will be a lot of things for variant hunters and Daredevil fans to collect next month. What do you think of the preview? Will you be taking part in the festivities?

This April, grab 50 fearless years by the horns in DAREDEVIL #1.50, a special anniversary issue brought to you by superstar creators from Hornhead’s past and present – including Mark Waid & Javier Rodriguez, Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev and Karl Kesel!
“We’re celebrating the Man Without Fear’s 50th anniversary not by looking back, but by looking forward,” says Waid. “With a special story set in the future, on Matt Murdock’s 50th birthday, peppered with clues for sharp-eyed readers as to what the rest of 2014 will hold for Daredevil!”
On Matt Murdock’s 50th Birthday – tragedy strikes the city of San Francisco, forcing the Man Without Fear out of his long earned retirement. What will happen to Matt Murdock in the future? Who lives? Who dies? Don’t miss the twists and turns that will have readers buzzing!
But that’s not all! DAREDEVIL #1.50 comes jam-packed with new backup stories from legendary past Daredevil creators! Experience new stories from Karl Kesel and Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev as they examine untold tales of Matt Murdock’s most triumphant victories…and heartbreaking losses.
What will tomorrow hold for Matt Murdock? And how will this year’s events play into his unexpected future? Can a man truly stay fearless forever? The answers – and even more surprises are coming sooner than you think! Look out – here comes DAREDEVIL #1.50!






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