UNCANNY AVENGERS #16 Preview Turns The THOR Awesomeness Up To 11


thor bannerMarvel has released three unlettered preview pages of Steve McNiven‘s artwork for Uncanny Avengers #16. Rick Remender‘s epic story featuring the Apocalypse Twins rolls on next month, but it looks like Thor would have words with the villains in the next installment. The god of thunder isn’t too pleased about the recent deaths of his teammates. With Mjolnir and Captain America‘s shield (briefly) at his disposal, it looks like the thunder is about to be unleashed. Remember when had Mjolnir and the shield? Thor thinks that was cute but now it’s time for a real man to wield them. Reveal in the amazing Thor action below. Will you be picking this one up next year?

Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at UNCANNY AVENGERS #16 – from rock star creators Rick Remender and Steve McNiven! Mutants are disappearing all over the world – transported to into the clutches of the Apocalypse Twins by the Scarlet Witch’s last desperate act. Now, with no time to mourn the fallen, the remaining heroes of Earth must rally to stop the unimaginable horror the Apocalypse Twins have unleashed and save humanity and mutantkind alike! And there is one who will not kneel before would-be conquerors…vengeful and feral after the death of his teammates, Thor is a mad god out for blood – and he has his sights set on Uriel! It’s the God of Thunder vs. the Angel of Apocalypse as these two titans come to Earth-shattering blows! Plus, in order to stop the Twins, the Wasp must do something that will curse her evermore! Can the Earth be saved? Or is it too late? Find out as the epic Ragnarok Now continues in UNCANNY AVENGERS #16!





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