Ultron Was Not A Part Of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man Plans


ant-man bannerEveryone has been abuzz with Marvel‘s Comic-Con announcements. Joss Whedon revealed that the title of the Avengers sequel was Avengers: Age of Ultron. He riled fans up when he later revealed that Hank Pym would not create the evil AI in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whedon went on to say that Hank Pym isn’t even going to be involved with the film at all. That left Edgar Wright as the last hope for Pym fans. The fan-favorite director said Pym would be involved a little, but his comments seemed to confirm the Scott Lang Ant-Man rumors. Well today we learn that while Pym has a small role in Ant-Man, Ultron has no role.

ultronThe folks over at ScienceFiction.Com (via Superhero Movie News) asked the director if Ultron was ever part of his plans. Wright has been working on Ant-Man for over 5 years, so his story would predate pretty much everything else in the Marvel movie universe. It seems that Whedon‘s plans don’t interfere with Wright‘s at all since he never had any use for the Avenger‘s biggest and most famous bad:

I cannot really get into that, but umm… I’ll say no. No he wasn’t.

If Wright is being honest and not just dodging the question, it seems like he started his Ant-Man approach with a completely clean slate. So Pym is in (a little bit at least) and Ultron is out. Scott Lang looks to be Ant-Man, so who could he be facing off against in the film? He’ll probably steal some of Pym‘s tech to get his powers, so he could be running from Pym and S.H.I.E.L.D. just to name one possible scenario. What do you think? Any guesses on what Wright‘s plan is?

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Source : ScienceFiction.Com