Turns Out That Wasn’t Iron Patriot In Those IRON MAN 3 Set Pictures

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Remember all those reports and people losing their mind over the Iron Patriot armor being spotted on the set of Iron Man 3? Well, it turns out we all jumped the gun a little too soon. Latino Review is reporting that what we thought was Iron Patriot is actually just a new War Machine armor. You may remember they also broke the Black Panther story and are usually pretty reliable on Marvel news.

That armor you’ve been seeing? That’s not Iron Patriot, that’s War Machine and this is all based on a “hey that white guy must be James Badge Dale” mistake made by a photo service or a gossip site (hard to trace back).It’s not a movie star, it’s just a white guy. A very nice stunt man who allowed Don Cheadle to not be on set that day. The scene they were filming had Tony Stark and a bunch of military folks, so it makes total sense that this is the moment they debut the new War Machine armor.

They’re saying that someone on the set is saying that the Iron Patriot looking armor is just a new version of Cheadle’s armor. The scene that we saw in the photos involved the Vice President and a flight to China. Because of the nano-machine threat from the Extremis storyline and the fact that part of the story and several key scenes will be shot in China, it looks like Captain America won’t be the only US poster child. Rest easy if you thought there would be villain overload. We only have Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley (possibly the Mandarin) to deal with.



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Source : Latino-review.com