True Patriot Introduces a New Set of Canadian Superheroes


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True Patriot cover by Jay Stephens


Canadian comic book writer J. Torres took the time to answer my questions about his latest project – True Patriot. He and a bunch of other award-winning Canadian comic book artist and writers have banded together to give comic book fans the world over, a new set of superheroes that are 100% Canadian. They also have an fundraising campaign happening now with some very cool incentives for those that donate, including getting yourself drawn into one of the stories, postcards, original sketches, as well as some very decent retailer-only incentives and much more. Here’s a quick video of J.Torres discussing True Patriot with my Q&A to follow. Plus, check out the gallery that runs after the last question. 


Here’s my Q&A with J. Torres:

Comic Canuck: Give our readers a summary of what True Patriot is about and what your readers can expect from the collection of stories you’ve put together.

J. Torres: Mostly all-new Canadians superheroes by award-winning and fan favourite Canadian comic book creators. Despite the superhero genre, we have a lot of variety in the art style and kinds of stories being told. Some of our artists have an animated style, while others have a more  “mainstream” Big Two style. We’ve got traditional action-adventure heroes, funny heroes, mythologically based heroes, and more. It’s a really impressive group of creators with an amazing variety of stories to tell.

Comic Canuck: I’m sure you have been asked this many times already, but tell us who your favourite Canadian super hero is and why?

J. Torres: I’m going to go with Guardian. James MacDonald Hudson. I always thought he was a “good guy.” Husband, leader, hero. I also always liked his original design by John Byrne, how he wore the flag like Captain America or Captain Britain, looking iconic and cool and undeniably Canadian. 

Comic Canuck: What age groups will True Patriot appeal to? Are there certain stories that would hit one age group or another? 

J. Torres: We’re trying to be “all ages” but more like a Pixar movie than say, a Johnny DC book. Certainly, because of different artists’ sensibilities, some stories will skew younger than others but that’s one of the great things about this anthology. You have, for example, J. Bone (perhaps best known for his kids comics) and Andy Belanger (perhaps best known for mature readers comics like Kill Shakespeare or Black Church) in the same book, doing comics most people can read and enjoy.

Comic Canuck: Will this be a strict one-off collection or do you have plans to break each of these characters out into their own comic series?

J. Torres: I know some creators have other plans for their characters. Some, of course, like Faith Hicks’ Superhero Girl already has a life of its own. As for True Patriot, who knows what the future holds. We’ve had people asking about a sequel in the first week of the campaign. We’ll see. We have to get through this one first!

Comic Canuck: So far, you have raised $14,913 toward your ultimate goal of $20,000. If you do not hit your target number by Monday November 5, will you extend your deadline? And if you do not extend your deadline what will happen to the perks that were to be awarded?

J. Torres: This book will be made regardless of what we ultimately raise in this campaign. That’s why we’ve been pushing the pre-orders. We wanted to pre-sell as many copies as possible to fund as much of the production as possible. At this point, we have enough for printing and most of what we need for shipping. People will get their books and perks. I’m not worried about the shortfall. I can cover it and get it back on the back end. But I also want to make some money for these creators. They’re getting comp copies of the book of course, but I’d sure love to give them more for their writing and art. We’ll have copies to sell at cons next year, so I think we can pay them something. It might just take a while. Unless people keep pre-ordering and we hit that goal and maybe more!

Comic Canuck: Finally, at our site, we quietly refer to ourselves as the united nations of comic news sites because we’re located in Canada, the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Tell our international readers why they’ll love this new set of truly Canadian super-heroes.

J. Torres: Even if you’re not Canadian, or aren’t particularly nostalgic for Alpha Flight and the like, our superhero stories have universal themes most comic book readers can relate to: good triumphing over evil, family matters, coming-of-age, patriotism, heroism. I guarantee you’ll enjoy every story we’re telling and you’ll probably fall in love with at least a couple of these new heroes and want to see more of them. That’s what’s happened to me!

If you enjoyed this interview and want to learn more about True Patriot check it out at their Indiegogo page. Tell us what you think of True Patriot in our fancy comments section below. Plus, take a look at the following gallery.

Super-Awesome True Patriot Art Gallery

J. Bone, True Patriot, comics, Canadian superheroes

True Patriot wallpaper by J. Bone


Arrowhead by Jay Stephens


Ron Salas, Dominion Jack, True Patriot

Dominion Jack by Ron Salas


Raven Girl, Andy Belanger, True Patriot, Canadian comics, comic books

Raven Girl by Andy Belanger


Family Dynamic, True Patriot, Tim Levins, J. Torres

Family Dynamic by Tim Levins


Red Ensign, True Patriot, Scott Chantler

Red Ensign by Scott Chantler


Here is the True Patriot team:

  • Adrian Alphona (Runaways)
  • Andy B. (Kill Shakespeare)
  • J. Bone (Super Friends)
  • Jack Briglio (Scooby Doo)
  • Scott Chantler (Two Generals)
  • Tom Fowler (Hulk: Season One)
  • Agnes Garbowska (Girl Comics)
  • Faith Erin Hicks (Adventure Time)
  • Tim Levins (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes)
  • Ramon Perez (A Tale of Sand)
  • Ron Salas (28 Days Later)
  • Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays)
  • J. Torres (Teen Titans Go)
  • Howard Wong (After the Cape)




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