Is TRANSFORMERS 5 Gearing Up For A 2017 Release?


Transformers-5-scheduleIn just a few month, the fourth installment in Michael Bay’s explosive and successful Transformers franchise will hit theaters. The film introduces an entirely new slate of human characters, being lead by Mark Wahlberg. The film is sent several years after the events of Dark of the Moon, and the Transformers have been forced into hiding. There are also some new robots, both on the good and bad sides of things, that will make their debut, including the fan-favorite Dinobots.

After the third film, Michael Bay stated that he was done with the Transformers franchise and that he was moving on, but the draw was too big and Bay opted to come back for what he says is one final film, where he would not necessarily reboot the franchise, but start things over with a new direction and then turn the franchise over to a new director. Whether or not that will actually happen has yet to be seen, however, we do know that Age of Extinction will be the start of a new trilogy and we may have a clue that tells us the next film may hit in 2017.

In some new licensing material by Australian licensee Vilsco Textiles, via /Film, reveals a schedule of material release dates, which includes Age of Extinction for this year, as well as some future plans, which includes two animated logos (they appear to be Transformers-esque) and one for Transformers 5 in 2017. You can check those out in the image. What is unclear is whether or not Vilsco actually has information on the film’s release or if this is just a rough guess on when the movie would be released. 2017 would put the fifth film 3 years from the release of Age of Extinction, which would give Paramount plenty of time to find a writer, possibly a director- assuming Bay opts to not return- and of course film the movie itself.

If I had to take a guess on when the likely fifth film will release, I’d place my money on 2016. The previous trilogy took two years to write and film between each movie, so I’d bet they stick to that schedule. At least, I’d be surprised if they didn’t. What do you think? Are you expecting two or three years between the two films?

You can catch Transformers: Age of Extinction this June. Joining Mark Wahlberg are Nicola Peltz, Jack Raynor, TJ Miller, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, Titus Welliver and Bingbing Li.

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