Transformers 4 May Be Going Prehistoric! Spoilers Abound!


Before I get started, let me issue the usual SPOILER  WARNING to our readers. If you don’t like to have story lines,  plots and characters revealed to you, then I suggest you stop reading now,  because this article is full of them.


The news machine is in over-drive this morning! Our next bit of news is concerning the upcoming Transformers film that is slated to begin production this summer. So far, we know that Mark Wahlberg will be heading things up, while Nicola Peltz will play his teen daughter. Up-and-coming actor Jack Reynor will play her race car-driving boyfriend. Stanley Tucci joined the cast a while back in an unnamed role, with veteran actor Kelsey Grammer filling the role of the human antagonist. Just yesterday, Chinese actress Li Bingbing joined the fold as well.

In regards to the robots, little is known other than Peter Cullen will be returning to voice Optimus Prime and that the robots would ge a fresh look (whatever that means). There was talk of the Unicron Saga being implemented, but little information has come about to support that idea. Today, however, JoBlo has received information from a source that gives us a better idea of which robots we can expect to show up and the biggest news I can bring you is that the Dinobots may be (finally) showing up!


The site’s source has “confirmed” that the beastly bots will indeed play a part in the upcoming sequel, including the fan-favorite Grimlock. There is no word on whether the character will retain his iconic neanderthal voice, but let’s hope so. One of the baddie bots in the film will be a character called Lockdown, who has a ship full of decommissioned robots, including the Dinobots, who are revived somehow by a detained Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader will be joined by returning Bumblebee and we can expect to see the pair, among others, riding into battle on the Dinobots, with Prime on Grimlock and Bee on a pteradon, likely Swoop. This battle supposedly takes place in Hong Kong, which coincides with announcements that portions of the movie will be filmed in China.

300px-FFOD2_Galvatron_sparksBut that’s not all! We can expect to see a new Autobot named Hound make his debut, as well as a former “samurai” Decepticon that is looking to regain his honor and joins the good guys. During the closing moments of Dark of the Moon, we saw Optimus Prime inflict a death-blow to his long-time rival Megatron. Many folks have been wondering who will take his place as the film’s main villain and according to JoBlo, that will be Galvatron, who is essentially Megatron “reborn.”

If these rumors, and they are certainly rumors at this point, play out, then Michael Bay has the potential to bring a lot of the hardcore Transformers fans back into the fold. The Dinobots have been rumored since the early production of Revenge of the Fallen, so there has been a desire by fans to see them on the screen for some time. This film is Bay’s to mess up, so hopefully he does the fans right and gives us the Transformers movie we deserve and want.

*Dinobot art provided by Connorgodzilla on deviantart


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Source : JoBlo