Toy Fair 2014 Reveals New Optimus Prime, Grimlock And…GALVATRON Toys


When the first trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction first aired during the Super Bowl, many fans felt the highlight came at the end where we saw the Autobot leader Optimus Prime bust through a wall astride the massive and vicious looking Grimlock. This was our first look at the Dinobot leader and Michael Bay didn’t disappoint. The character has a much different look than the traditional T-Rex form we are used to seeing, with the added look of the horns. Did I mention how big he was? Traditionally, Grimlock has been about on par with Optimus in regards to size, but Bay opted to go much bigger, which I am perfectly fine with. 

As many of you have noticed, the 2014 Toy Fair is currently under way and we’ve seen quite a few surprises pop up. The latest to surface are some images featuring Optimus Prime and Grimlock, via When Nerds Attack, and a few other Dinobots and Autobots, via ScreenRant. Optimus is sporting his newer, more streamlined look that Michael Bay promised some time ago. The Grimlock toy gives us our first idea of what Grimlock will look like when he is in robot form and I have to say that he looks pretty bad ass.The third images shows off two newer Dinobots, the green & blue Raptor is said to be a new character names Slash. That is not confirmed, however. Take a look below and see for yourself.


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