Toy Fair 2014 Gives Us GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Merchandise And A Potential WINTER SOLDIER Spoiler


marvelBrace yourself: toys are coming. The New York Toy Fair has kicked off and some images and preview news have started to hit the web. While all the toys aren’t movie related, the ones generating the most buzz are the ones that tie-in with this year’s highly-anticipated movies. We saw a preview of Hasbro‘s Guardians of the Galaxy 6-inch Legends figures the other day, but now our first glimpse at some of the other merchandise for Marvel and James Gunn‘s movie has hit. There’s also a toy that may spoil (or confirm what we already guessed) a plot point for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We’ll save that one until last and give you one more warning.

It seems the floodgates were opened and Guardians of the Galaxy pics were let loose on Twitter. The website Guard the Galaxy and Twitter’s When Nerds Attack had the best glimpse at the plethora of merchandise. All the things you see below were on display at Hasbro‘s Toy Fair preview booth. There are figures for all the main players, a Star-Lord helmet, a Rocket Raccoon mask, a Star-Lord, blaster, and a rather nice cardboard cutout of Star-Lord that lights up. That orb really is going to be important to the movie, isn’t it? Guard the Galaxy said of Hasbro‘s booth:

At Hasbro’s Toy Fair event on Saturday, they announced new Guardians of the Galaxy figures including a Star-Lord blaster for kids, Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon (animated 8″ figure), 2.5″ Figures including every Guardian, the Milano Ship and Rocket’s “Warbird”. Also announced were Cosmic Iron Man and Nova Marvel Legend Figures, as well as the five Guardians already announced. Groot will be 9″ Build-A-Figure. There will be two villains included with the Gamora and Drax Legend figures. Star-Lord will have Mask, Gun, and Walkman. Drax will have unknown weapon from the film.

After the pics, meet me at the bottom of the page for the potential spoiler.

UPDATE: @StitchKingdom has a few new pics of the ships and Korath the Pursuer.




guardians 4




rocket 2

guardians 2


guardians 3


And finally, the big potential spoiler.




Spotted at the Toy Fair was a figure that was sporting Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie tie-in packaging. While there are toys for things that never make it into the movies (see Spider-Man‘s countless motorcycle toys), this one does add fuel to the rumor fire. Whether it’s really nothing at all to do with the movie, a hint of a flashback, or the fact that the one character we’re all leery of actually turns out to be the Red Skull, it looks like the toy people want us to remember the red domed villain (via Twitter).

red skull

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