Top 8 Comic Book Vehicles


As geeks and fanboys/girls, we always have our favorite characters, stories and everything else in the comic world. We also have our most hated aspects of comics and comic book movies. Naturally, as comic fans love to do, we’re going to start putting some lists together for you to gnaw on. You may agree or you may not, either way, it’s a great way to start some discussions as to what is good or bad in the comic book world.

To start things off, how about we take a look at moves our favorite characters and I’m not talking about feelings here. Just about all of our beloved characters have ways of getting to and fro; ways of getting to their destinations before their respective villains do. Needless to say, no expense is ever spared and we’d all love to get around using some of these awesome vehicles. Weapons, defense mechanisms, battle stations, all of them serve a purpose aside from transportation, it’s now just a matter of which is best.

8- X-Men’s Blackbird/Avenger’s Quinjet
Being that these two high-fliers serve just about the same purpose, it’s hard to pick one over the other. Both are equally awesome, fast and very effective and play an integral part in the everyday objectives of two of the top teams in the comic book world. But, for the most part, they are used as transportation vehicles, with the occasional necessity to do battle. Most members of these teams would rather be outside the jets, doing a bit of hand-to-hand battle. Regardless, both are cool and essential to their respective teams.


7- Silver Surfer’s Surfboard
A surf board? Really? You’d think that riding through space on a surfboard would be a not-so-efficient way to travel, but guess what? It’s pretty bad ass! One of the best things about this board is that it is nearly indestructible, save for the power of the almighty Galactus, who created the board. It is very fast and maneuverable, necessities for anyone who is the herald of a planet-devouring entity and who wouldn’t want a surfboard that is linked to your mind?


6- Blue Beetle’s Bug
In today’s world, being “green” is a huge plus and yes folks, the Blue Beetle is green! The Bug gets its power using solar cells, so not only is he kicking ass (until he gets whacked), but he’s hugging trees too! This little humdinger can fly at speeds close to 600 mph and features numerous gadgets and abilities, such as magnetizing its hull. While part of the Justice League, the Blue Beetle’s Bug served as prime conveyance. Also, it’s a big, blue bug.


5- Owlman’s Owlship/Archie
Archie is the epitome of over-doing it on the accessories: a flame thrower, “screechers,” concealing fog, missiles, water cannons, some form of electrical weapon and two hover bikes. Aside from flying and hovering, it can also serve as a submarine-type vehicle. Not bad for a ship that looks like an owl head. It’s a pretty straightforward, battle-ready vehicle that would prove to be essential no matter who it belonged to.


4-Punisher’s Battle Van
Only the Punisher could claim an Aerostar as his vehicle of choice and make it bad ass. Castle is fully capable of getting business done with his bare hands, but he also relies on equipment to help him along. Needing a place to store and transport that equipment, the Battle Van came to be. What’s worse than a sociopath with weapons? A sociopath that can transport those weapons to make killing easier.


3-Ghost Rider’s Hellcycle
A flaming cycle of total bad-ass proportions. This hard-core hog isn’t you typical motorcycle and could likely be considered one of the most intimidating modes of transportation in the comic book world. It can ride up the side of building on wheels of fire after all. Not only that, but the bike can travel at mind-blowing speeds and across water. It’s been known to take flight as well. The Hellcycle does whatever the Ghost Rider needs it to do just by a single thought, regardless of whether he is on the bike or not. Hell, if Nic Cage can look cool on it, you know it’s pretty killer.


2- S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
It’s an aircraft carrier that can fly. AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER THAT CAN FLY! This is the quintessential fortress for any group, regardless of affiliation. Aside from the usual carrier duties of aircraft storage, the Helicarrier is a readied battle station that features an intercontinental ballistic missile. To date, eight of these behemoths have been built, including a red and gold version at the request of then S.H.I.E.L.D. director Tony Stark.


1- Batman’s Batmobile
When people think of comic book vehicles, this is usually the first one that comes to mind. The Batmobile started out as an everyday red convertible with no Batman insignia, save for a gold hood ornament. A few moths later, the first “official” Batmobile arrived. There have been many, many different versions of the car, each one a distinct and appropriate design for the comic it presented. Regardless of the version, the car has always featured numerous defensive and offense weapons and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that Batman can stay one step ahead of his ever present rogues. To put it shortly, the Batmobile is the most well known and efficient vehicle out there.


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